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All of the Cool Math Games that you will find online will allow you to play the part of the franchise’s hero – a 10-year-old boy that has the capacity to turn into various alien forms as long as he is using the Omnitrix, a watch-like alien device. Based on an original TV series, Benjamin Tennyson uses his watch to turn into different species and fight crime that is caused by evil aliens. The flash games that are available online usually tackle the same thread and plot, allowing users to use Ben’s different capacities and capabilities to achieve different goals. These games are usually kid-friendly and published by different authors. Those who want to try these flash games or looking for online games for their young kids will have no problem gaining access to Cool Math Games because they are playable online for free.

Controlling Benjamin Tennyson

Controlling the main character in the different Cool Math Games that are available online calls for the use of relatively simple keys and buttons. For career games that require the character to switch directions and go a certain length of distance, the arrow keys are used to maneuver the character from left to right and to propel him forward. There are also flash games that use mouse clicks to aim weapons and shoot evil aliens. The more advanced gamers will also be able to find games that will be challenging enough for their skill level. Advanced career games usually require the use of the arrow buttons to move the character around, the space bar to make the character to jump, and the number buttons to change the weapons that the character is using.

Tips and Tricks

Since most of the Cool Math flash games that are available online are pretty simple, accomplishing their goals is fairly easy as well. Most of the games are patterned after other simple flash games with the main tweak of a character change. However, there are some games that will require a certain level of familiarity with the Cool Math Games TV series. For example, online games that will require the player to defeat evil aliens will require specific powers and weapons in order to meet the goal. Those who are planning on playing these games should familiarize themselves with the skills and weapons used to defeat the same alien in the TV series for easier gameplay.

Finding age-appropriate Cool Math Games online is fairly easy for they are readily available online. However, the quality of the games usually differ from one publisher to another. To find high quality flash games, simply carry out your search using the best flash game websites that you will find online. The best websites have vast collections of Ben 10 flash games that offer different gameplay. There is no doubt that you will be able to find the games that will fit your preferences.

The Best Cool Math Games

You do not have to shell out any amount of money in order to play exciting games that will place you in Benjamin Tennyson’s shoes. On this website, you will be able to find the best Cool Math flash games and play them for free. There is no registration required, no hidden red flags, and no surprises. Just fun and exciting games that will let you play the hero in the form of Ben.

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